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Game #37: Zito vs Francis

Here's something I can pretty much guarantee that you're not thinking about. If the Rockies were to go on a 162 game win streak starting tonight, winning every regular season game from Game #37, 2007: Zito vs Francis, to Game #36, 2008: Reynolds vs Owings, we will be an over .500 franchise for the very first time at the end of it. It could be worse, it would take us a while to build a Philadelphia Phillies type of win deficit (close to 1200 games under .500 over the history of the franchise) and the Devil Rays' deficit is nearly twice as big as ours in much less time, but for some reason it disheartens me that very shortly here at our current pace, we'll reach a point that  requires a stretch of winning that even the most optimistic second graders would find impossible to do over the course of the season.

Then again, maybe I was the only second grader who thought about how great it would be for a team to go 162-0. Honestly, this season, 5-0 would be a gift from the gods requiring a sacrifice of a pair of Kaz Matsui's toe socks. 3-0 would even be nice, and maybe Kaz can keep his socks. Francis against Zito in a battle of LHP's. May the youngest team win.