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Monday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox won their seventh game in a row yesterday. Seven. Wow. That's four games more than Clint Hurdle can get the big league club to muster. Ian Stewart had a pair of doubles, Cory Sullivan, Sean Barker and Ryan Spilborghs also had a pair of hits in the eleven to seven win.

Tulsa: The Drillers' longest win streak on the season is three games, but unlike the Rockies, they've done it twice and Drillers' fans haven't had to wait since April 6 for the last one. Tulsa won on Mother's Day, too, winning 11-4 yesterday. Christian Colonel had four hits, and five other Drillers collected at least two in the victory over Luke Hochevar and Wichita. Samuel Deduno had a miserable first but fantastic five plus innings after that. He allowed four runs on two hits, a walk and an HBP in the first, and then settled down to allow just one run on one hit and two walks thereafter. He struck out eight and showed real signs of being back to his old self for the first time this year. By the way, Hochevar's younger brother Dylan is doing well in Colorado's state prep tournament, and should be an interesting name to watch for the future.

Modesto: The Nuts have had a five game win streak this season, the Rockies haven't had one since 2005. The Nuts also won on Mother's Day, eight to seven. Chris Nelson went four for four, with his seventh double and fourth homerun on the season. Jeff Kindel also doubled and homered in the win. Alan Johnson pitched well for five and two thirds innings, but the Nuts' pen allowed the Storm to come back into the game before stopping the bleeding just in time. Another rough outing by Andrew Johnston is starting to cause me some concern.

Asheville: The Tourists' longest win streak this season is six games, but more impressive is that their longest losing streak is only two games, and that happened just once all the way back on April 8th and 9th. They won yesterday, 12-6, with a big comeback in the sixth and seventh innings. Yesterday, the team struck out just twice and drew ten walks, which is a trend I hope continues, as it looks like teams might be trying to take advantage of the Tourists' free swinging ways. Daniel Mayora went three for three with two of those walks, two doubles and three RBI. Anthony Jackson also went three for three with two walks and scored four times. He's got some burners for legs, as he hit his fifth triple of the season. Starter Andrew Graham struggled and didn't factor in the decision, he's now got a 8.10 ERA at Asheville and a 3.95 ERA on the road.