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Game #42: Kansas City @ Colorado; De La Rosa vs. Francis

It's a preview of the 2007 World Series. Here's how it happens:

The Rockies sweep the Royals to start a 25-game winning streak, setting the modern-day record. After sweeping the Red Sox, the Rockies lose the next three to the Rays and manage to win only one against the Yankees. Fans complain. The Rockies then play slightly above.500 ball after the winning streak ends, finishing with a 93-69 record to win the West. They beat the Braves and the Brewers to make the World Series.

The Royals, not to be outdone, go on a 30-game winning streak, breaking the all-time winning streak (26 games, done twice with a tie in both both stretches). Billy Butler gets the call to the Show right after the Rockies take the third game and he promptly breaks Joltin' Joe's hitting streak with a hit in 58 consecutive games. The Royals finish with a 94-67 record to take the Wild Card (one game is canceled due to bad weather and can't be made up). They beat Boston in the first round and then the Angels for the pennant.

Rockies win in five. Uh, which scenario is more likely? And if you choose to answer, you can't say neither, but you can say both.

As for the game, Gallego (mother's funeral) and Cockrell (son's graduation) won't be with the team tonight. Glenallen Hill is at third and Walt Weiss will be at first. Anything else? Steve Finley is 1-for-1 with 2 RBI against De La Rosa; does that get him a start?

Maybe the third and seventh innings will be cut out as the Rockies at Coors Field have been outscored 18-3 and 15-4 in those two frames. They're also outscored 21-11 in the fourth.

All this from the Rockies press pass(pdf).