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Friday Morning Rockpile: Darren Clarke Up To The Majors

Darren Clarke will be with the team tonight and Zach McClellan may be the reliever who's shown the door. As the article states, Clarke is the 21st pitcher the Rockies have used this season, three short of the 24 used last year. Anyone want to bet that that number will be close to 30 by the end of the year?


Might Hurdle make a change to the bench:

"We thought we had people in place (as pinch hitters) but that's one of the many areas that we've been very inconsistent in and haven't gotten the production we would like to have," Hurdle said.

I am, however, a bit puzzled by the following:

However, bringing up players - such as Alexis Gomez (currently on the disabled list) or Ryan Spilborghs - from Triple-A Colorado Springs might prove counterproductive.

"You are taking a player that is getting opportunities every day into a limited-opportunity situation," Hurdle said. "But those are conversations you need to have to make your roster what it needs to be."

Is Hurdle even taking into consideration the past major league experiences for certain players? If we use the two in the above example, what did Alexis Gomez do with the Tigers in 2006 and what did Spilborghs do last year in 33 of his 67 games? I'm not going to argue that it won't be counterproductive because it's baseball and it can happen. But it's not as if these guys don't have a past history coming off the bench for a major league team.


Rodrigo Lopez and Kaz Matsui will play for the Sky Sox this weekend, with Lopez's start coming on Saturday.