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Saturday Rockpile:

Dave Krieger points out that our manager has made a couple of mistakes with reliever usage, but the more questionable lineup and overall team personnel decisions aren't brought up.

Troy Tulowitzki is the team's best hitter against lefties. There are some disappointing reverse splits when we play southpaws, as Matt Holliday, Jeff Baker and Garrett Atkins are all hitting better against right handed pitchers. That's not helping us. Another particularly odd split is Chris Iannetta, who's only hitting .071 against LHP's, but nonetheless getting on base at an astonishing .409 clip against them thanks to eight walks. One other note from that page, when Kazuo Matsui does return, I don't think the standard platoon we had been using should remain in effect.  Carroll's .550 OPS can't be worse than what Kaz would put up.