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Game #28: Francis vs Zito

For the Rockies to have any success this year, Jeff Francis has to be a dependable number two starter. April says that might not be happening for us. Will a retreat to the Bay change that status tonight? That, and given the Rockies need to win a couple of road series this month makes tonight trouble. This is actually a fairly significant game for this early in the season, one we can't write off very easily, which is a function of losing so much in April. So let's go and kick a nice long winning streak into gear so we can get back to saying that the games don't matter much.

Go Rockies! Win. Tonight. Thank you.

[editor's note, by Russ] Not to spoil anyone's fun, but can you wait until tomorrow afternoon when we'll have our first "getting-to-know-you" thread? An off-day=plenty of down time and info sharing, if you choose to do so.