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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

"He doesn't receive very well. He doesn't throw very well. He doesn't move very well. And, he has an extremely slow bat,"

From an unnamed scout in regards to Chris Iannetta according to Ken Rosenthal.

Iannetta doubled twice and walked yesterday. Defensively on the season, he's allowed zero passed balls and has thrown out three of nine baserunners. He's been charged with zero errors thus far. In addition, despite all these apparent flaws in his abilities, baserunners have only attempted to steal off of him once every thirteen innings. Compare this to Russell Martin, who has a similar CS%, but has committed four errors, has a passed ball under his belt and gets ran on once every ten innings. Martin has been the superior offensive presence thus far by a wide margin, but Chris will start closing on him here. Iannetta is definitely pretty slow on the basepaths, though, I'll give the scout that.

The Dodgers might provide the Rockies an answer to our revolving door utility situation soon. According to the LA Times, one of the two Wilsons -Betemit or Valdez- is likely to be trimmed from their roster upon the return of Yhency Brazoban. If Quintanilla once again proves himself more comfortable in AAA than the majors, then either of that pair should upgrade our roster. Speaking of LA, don't look at Chin Hui Tsao's stats if you want to feel good about some of the decisions made by the team this offseason.

April's the month for figuring out what needs to be adjusted in the team, and Clint Hurdle should get some credit for moving the lineup around the last few days. Like moving Corpas to set-up, this move with swapping Garrett and Matt seems a bit more obvious than the choice to push Tulo to the two hole, hopefully it works out as well.

Speaking of Tulo, he'll be getting some memorabilia back when the Rox return home again.

Happy Beltane to all those who are celebrating today...