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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

More Trade Speculation

Troy Renck has some trade talk this morning. It's more of the usual stuff: New York-A, Boston and Atlanta might be interested later on in Helton, the Rays may be more likely to trade Baldelli as the season wears on and the Rockies will wait on Chris Burke until after Matsui returns and plays a bit more. Oh, and the Angels still want Atkins, but there's nothing there.

Helton on Mabry


"It's always the pinch hitter's fault," Helton said. "It's been like that since baseball began. Everybody thinks that's going to make a difference and it rarely does."

Mabry had four hits in 34 at-bats. How is someone different not going to improve upon Mabry's shoddy performance with the team?

Maybe the guy who replaced him will (from the same article):

Spilborghs hit .323 for the Sky Sox and is prepared for a bench role. "It's not like I am going to be caught off guard coming in the seventh inning to hit," he said.

Will one change to the bench magically change everything? No, but it's a start. Maybe Todd's unhappy that a buddy of his was sent away.


Last night, Dan O'Dowd took the blame (end of the article) for the club's less than stellar play so far.