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Game #45: Cook vs Webb

The Rockies have activated Kazuo Matsui and sent Omar Quintanilla back to the Springs. At least Jamey Carroll's presence in the batter's box won't be as frequent now. Clint Hurdle promptly ignored the suggestion of Dan O'Dowd and dropped the hot hitting Troy Tulowitzki from second all the way to seventh in the lineup.

Jeff Baker might get the start at third tonight, since Garrett Atkins has struggled against Webb. Most of the other Rockies have hit him very well this year. Cook's been pretty decent of late, let's hope the run keeps up tonight.

The Baseball Analysts' version of Joe Sheehan (not the Prospectus guy) took a look at the difference between Cook's sinker in home and away starts, and found that he gets about two inches more of a vertical drop on it at Coors. Let's hope the D-backs have properly humidified their Rawlins so it's acting similar tonight.