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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

Have you visited Monforts Must Sell yet? In his latest column, Mark Kiszla did.


La Troy Hawkins should be activated today and, as Jack Etkin points out, there are two possible choices: demote Darren Clarke back to the minors or DFA Tom Martin. Which one do you expect to happen?


So Renck has this article on how Hurdle does feel the urgency of the team's situation. Here's part of a quote from Hurdle in that article:

"We don't ever say it's OK this has happened."

True, but in the words of others, Hurdle might just be saying: "Through our play over the past six seasons, we've shown that it's OK this has happened." You decide.


Dave Krieger's right, no one has tried to place the offensive struggles on new hitting coach Alan Cockrell. Nor can we place all the blame on Cockrell, even if the guys haven't exactly lived up to their pasts. It's much like Helton's quote from the other day concerning the pinch hitter. He'd only be a scapegoat for larger problems in the organization. And I thought someone was going to blame the team's dental plan.