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Wednesday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that last night was a sign that Ubaldo Jimenez is getting ready to be what I was hoping he'd be this season. He allowed three hits and three walks in seven innings, with about 60% of his pitches in the strike zone. He had an 11-6 GB/FB ratio on his outs off of contact.

The Sky Sox wound up winning 12-4 after scoring ten runs in the first inning, only one of which was considered "earned" against the opposing pitcher since most were scored with two outs after an early error. Sean Barker doubled twice in the inning and he and Clint Barmes each scored two of the ten runs. Barmes, by the way, reached base three out of five times (four if you count the error) and has a .378 OBP in the month of May. It's going to take a consistent couple of months of this before I really start to believe that he's  understanding the hitting game again, but I have to admit that this is a promising sign. Joe Koshansky and Seth Smith both also had multi-hit games. Koshansky is transforming himself into quite an asset in the system, and an all around great hitter: .348 vs LHP's, .320 vs RHP's; .362 at home, .307 away, with his power showing up everywhere. He's only striking out one out of five times in May, which is definitely acceptable with his other skills.

His K% by season:

  1. 30.2%
  2. 23.6%
  3. 23.4%
  4. 20.7%
That's definitely a nice trend to see.

Tulsa: Speaking of nice trends to see, look at Ryan Mattheus' strikeout and walk rates as he's climbed up the ladder:

  1. BB: 11.7% K: 13.3%
  2. BB: 9.1%  K: 17..9%
  3. BB: 9.1%  K: 18.2%
  4. BB: 5.9%  K: 18.7%
That's an impressive feat, particularly in these past two jumps to advanced A and AA play, and one of the reasons why he continues to be one of my favorite sleeper prospects. Yesterday, Mattheus pitched seven innings and gave up four hits and one walk, with seven K's. One of the hits allowed was a homerun, and another one was a double, but he had an 8/6 GB/FB ratio for his outs. Juan Morillo and Steven Register both had fine relief outings, while Mike DeJean struggled. Props on offense go to Matt Miller, who had three hits including a two run homerun, and Chris Frey, who had two hits, including his third triple of the year. Miller is quietly putting together another stand-out season.

Modesto: Brandon Hynick had his worst outing of the year, running into trouble of the three run homer variety in the seventh inning, but nonetheless picked up W number seven, thanks to his offense getting his back. Considering how often he's bailed them out this year, he was probably due this favor. Hynick allowed six runs and twelve baserunners in seven innings, he struck out six. Jeff Kindel, Neil Wilson (returning from injury yesterday) and Lino Garcia paced the offense which scored seven runs early and then held on to win seven to six, thanks also in part to Andrew Johnston and Jon George's relief efforts. You can read a more complete recap at the Modesto Bee.

Asheville: Hector Gomez is on a seven game hitting streak after his fifth homerun of the season yesterday, but a costly error in the eighth inning last night led to the go ahead run scoring in Greensboro's four to three vicotry over the Tourists. Bret Berglund and Victor Ferrante both had a pair of hits, and Simon Ferrer frustrated the Grasshoppers by scattering eleven hits and three walks over seven innings, but only allowing three runs.