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Thursday Pebble Report:

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Tulsa: For five innings, Ching Lung Lo looked nearly unhittable. Then in the sixth, hitting him became a given for every batter he faced before he got pulled five batters in. All five would come around to score, plus four more that inning, and the Midland RockHounds won 10-3. There was an interesting quote from the opposition on Lo, which gives some indication of the type of pitcher the Rockies are trying to groom him into:

"Some of these guys had seen Lo at Modesto last year," RockHounds manager Todd Steverson said. "Some hadn't seen him. But he was throwing, from what I could see, probably about four different speeds up there which is tough to get a grasp on when you're a hitter."

Joe Gaetti homered and doubled, and Chris Frey and Corey Wimberly had multi-hit games, but those were the only highlights for the Drillers. Jonathan Herrera's average dipped below .300 for the first time in quite a while after a zero for five, two strikeout game.

Modesto: The Nuts had a big rally to pull out a nine to eight victory over San Jose last night, clawing back from a seven to nothing deficit in the bottom of the sixth. Xavier Cedeno was clearly unimpressive, giving up six of those runs in six innings, but his 10-3 GB/FB ratio was something positive to take from the game. Daniel Carte tripled twice and Jeff Kindel doubled and tripled to lead the comeback. Carte's been insanely potent with his highly erratic swing this May, the BABIP of .563 with a K rate like his (near 31% this month) goes beyond realms of ordinary luck, although maybe not quite approaching the luck of this lady, who's now up to fourteen holes in one by the way. Regarding Carte, who also has a streak of fourteen, if it was just singles he was spraying all over, it would be one thing, and easily dismissed, but the fact that so many of these hits are going for extra bases makes it particularly peculiar. I'm just not sure what to make of it, skill-wise, other than to note that he'll certainly come back to earth sometime.

Asheville: Josh Sullivan returned in style, Baseball America's Chris Kline blogged on the game with some interesting notes from scouts in attendance. Sullivan topped out at 93 mph, but apparently had some difficulty repeating his delivery. The resulting 3-0 win was much needed for the Tourists, who had slid into a five game losing streak after starting off the month so strongly. Because Sullivan was limited in his pitch count on his return to the mound, the shutout was a group effort, with Zach Simons, James Burok and Tommy Baumgarner each doing an excellent job in some extended work as well.