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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

David Pinto notes that Jeff Francis has reversed his home/road performance distribution from 2006, suddenly becoming a road warrior but faring not so well at Coors in the early going.

Keli McGregor, meanwhile, says that the status quo must go, but doesn't associate that with Hurdle or O'Dowd just yet. Reading between the lines, it seems they are precariously close to the ledge, however.

Is Spilly the panacea we've been looking for, or just another nostrum to tide us over until the next quack remedy arrives? From the Denver Post article, Dan O'Dowd is in AAA right now looking for the new cure-all. My guess is that means a replacement for the struggling Steve Finley, Jamey Carroll and/or our catchers as well as various members of our bullpen, but there's an outside possibility he's looking at Ian Stewart's readiness. Meanwhile, in the useless stat department, the Rockies are now 12-9 whenever Ryan Spilborghs bats first or second in the lineup over his career with the team.

Darren Clarke hasn't yet left the team, even though he's officially not on it, as Josh Fogg's injury status for Sunday remains up in the air. Taylor Buchholz might start instead of Fogg on Sunday, as a brief reprieve from being sent back to the bullpen.