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Blast from the Past!

A year ago today, the Rockies were 25-21 and 1.5 games out of the division lead. The Rockies entered the week in first place, but two losses to the Dodgers (1-6, 1-8) placed the Rockies back to third. Unsurprisingly, the Rockies lost the 24 May contest 1-7 to the Dodgers.

So what were we discussing last year at that point:

In that day's Pebble Report, we didn't discuss anything, but we did have Tulo's fifth homer and Chris Nelson's double and homer to think about as everything else was disappointing.

Rox Girl wanted to trade Matt Holliday and call up Jeff Baker.

Rox Girl once again had another player posit and wanted Troy Tulowitzki brought up earlier than was expected at the time.

I chimed in with some draft notes and discussion.

Rox Girl checked in with her third segment of the West Coast Virtual Road Trip.

And we finally had the game thread for that 1-7 loss. And we're still saying the same exact stuff from last year. Look at this comment from the game:

I hope that is the last straw with Martin

just awful, no way around it.  He hasn't been good all season.  We don't need two fringe lefties in the pen, time to drop this one.

[Stuff on why Mesa's bad]

Don't get me wrong, I'm not treating the bullpen as a scape goat, but it will take too long to give the offense its "due"...

by David "ohno"

Don't you just love off days? They make me go through the archives.