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Game #49: Cook vs Morris

Like I said this morning, three isn't enough for me. I want to see five at least. Against the Giants and Cardinals, we've got pitching matchups that help us out, and the team needs to take advantage of this. Tomorrow's with Buchholz vs Lowry is probably our smallest chance of winning over the coming week, but even that one's got a decent shot. Looking at the ERA's might leave you feeling skeptical of that claim, but both Lowry and Morris are thriving this season by luck more than skill, with abnormally low BABIP's against them. Fielding independent pitching stats peg their expected run rates in the mid 4's, rather than the 2 point somethings they're putting up this year. That will gradually flatten out, and it wouldn't surprise me at all when some team will break out some heavy lumber against these two. Might as well be us.

Go Rockies!