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Sunday Morning Rockpile: "GenResponsibility"

If the players are on the field, then the guys above them are finally taking some GenResponsibility.

Some interesting parts to the article:

But McGregor realizes everyone must be held responsible for this disappointing start. It doesn't take a translator to read between the lines and know that Hurdle's seat on the bench is simmering.

Admitting there's a problem is the first step in changing things, right? But then we have this snippet:

Those in charge - and as the president, McGregor speaks for ownership - are upset.

Speaking for ownership and what the ownership feels are two completely different things. What has ownership done to demonstrate they are upset with how things are going? you might ask. I guess that's where the new ownership discussion starts. Show us, don't tell us, huh?

Something just doesn't seem right with the following:

Beyond the money, there needs to be an attitude, a zero-tolerance for mediocrity - or worse - at all levels. Here's why: Players feel singled out for the franchise's recent failure. Since 2004, Hurdle has talked about accountability and responsibility.

Three years later, he remains in charge, but players who failed or became too expensive were discarded. That sends a strong message in the clubhouse, creates a dynamic in which the players want to win more for themselves than the organization.

Tom Martin? Steve Finley? Yep, a "zero-tolerance for mediocrity - or worse - at all levels".


Hurdle keeps his faith in Atkins.