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Game #51: Francis vs Wells

San Diego  10-4
Arizona    9-4
Los Angeles 12-6
San Francisco 7-2
Colorado    3-3

Well, I think I just figured out where our divisional competition is gaining the bulk of their separation on us from. Those are the records of the NL West teams against NL Central opponents this season. Now, it's supposed to be our turn, and with this ten game homestand against the Central, it presents us a prime opportunity to claw back into the race. What do we need here? 7-3 minimum? Today seems like a good place to start on that. Despite the fact that the Cardinals are doing better of late against LHP's, Jeff Francis has owned the Redbirds almost as much as he has the Diamondbacks. What's more, Kip Wells hasn't exactly inspired fear in the opposition this season.

We can't have a let-up today when the odds are so strong in our favor. This is one we have to take. Go Rockies!