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Hunting Hogzilla

Happy Memorial Day, Rockies Nation! Alright, I know we're all giddy and everything about our five game win streak and sweeping the Giants in San Francisco for the first time since, well, ever -and we should be- but I'm going to have to rain on the parade a little bit.

Despite the way this picture evokes thoughts of how Steve Kline will look five years from now, our beast is still out there after the Giants sweep.

According to the standings this morning, the Rockies are still four games under .500, and still six games outside the playoff picture. Despite sweeping San Fran, we still trail the Giants by a game and a half and remain mired in last place in the division.

There are still personnel issues; Garrett Atkins is still getting too many plate appearances in too prominent a spot in the lineup for a player who's slumping as bad as he is. I understand the desire to give him an opportunity to work through it, but that doesn't mean in the middle of the lineup every day. Clint, please give him a couple of days off each week, drop him down a slot or two in the lineup. You're not hired to coddle his ego at the expense of the rest of the team. When his bat comes back, it's easy enough to move him back to a more prominent role.

The hunt continues...