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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

In yesterday's game discussion, someone wrote that Francis definitely regained the nickname of "Franchise" and this quote from Helton in Renck's wrap-up of the game lets us know other teams believe that too:

"The hitters say: 'We don't know what's happening. We can't figure this guy out,"' Helton said. "A lot of times, they will say a guy has great stuff. But when they start saying things like that, you know he's reached the point where he's a good pitcher."

And one player on why the team's on a 6-game winning streak:

[On Taveras and Matsui] said Hawpe, before emphasizing, "Our pitching lately has been unbelievable, and I would say it all starts with them. We follow whatever they do."

There's also another alternative as to why the Rockies are on a 6-game win streak: the team made a Faustian bargain. How many runs did the Rockies score in each of the last three game? Six, six, six, or 666. Yeah, they sold their souls to the devil and agreed to display his mark somewhere in exchange for all the wins they want. So how long until we see see an article about how the organization is a bunch of Satanists. :-P

In all seriousness, I'd rather not try to figure out if the offense is following the pitching or the other way around, at least for now. Both areas are clicking for the moment and the guys need to ride it out until one hits a wall.


Rodrigo Lopez returns tonight, but did you know Ryan Spilborghs is a can of Red Bull?


Troy Tulowitzki would be a police officer if he wasn't playing baseball. You can find that answer and the answer to some other questions in this Q&A Troy did with Owen Perkins.