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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies would be one of the teams interested in Brian Fuentes were he available. My guess is that there are probably twenty-five other teams that fall into that category as well. At any rate, the Rockies won't discuss dealing Brian until "they fall out of contention." Which, of course, could mean that a Fuentes deal is a no go for this season if we're still close come the end of July. That's obviously what we want. What the article implies, however, regardless of what happens this year, is that Brian seems to be very much on the table for this coming offseason, at the latest. Given that the team will have to make some tricky personnel decisions at both the minor and major league levels this fall and winter, this should come as no surprise.

Fuentes is clearly one of the best relievers in the MLB, and has proven himself over several seasons now, but he'll also command the salary of one of the best relievers in the MLB, and if it comes to choosing between keeping a player like Fuentes or keeping a player like Matt Holliday, the latter has to be chosen every time unless you have everyday sluggers who hit for average and power to spare. Most teams, including the Rockies, do not.

Of course, in a perfect world, you keep both, but when only 18,000+ are attending home games during a seven game win streak, it would take a lunatic owner to go out on a limb for that kind of extravagance. No, we'll likely have to deal Fuentes this offseason, and for the best closer in Colorado Rockies history, we can probably expect to receive quite a bounty in return.

In that first link to Rosenthal, there's also a nicety paid to Tulo from an anonymous scout, but I really wish that they'd stop the Bobby Crosby comparisons. Tulo's big like Crosby, but as the scout indicates, he's a much more complete package at this stage of his development.

Tracy Ringolsby has some nice quotes from yesterday's stomp of St Louis, including this one from Matt Holliday:

"We have a situation where everybody feels accountable to make the big play, whether it's an at-bat or a pitch or in the field," Holliday said. "We are going out there expecting good things to happen."