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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Tonight begins a six-game road trip for the Rockies against the NL Central. Cincinnati's bullpen blew the game last night and the Reds now stand at 13-15 for the season. Adam Dunn has as many homers (8) as the top three guys on the Rockies have combined (Holliday, Atkins Tulo). Brandon Phillips (5) has as many as the rest of the team does. The Great American Ball Park -- hopefully where the team can find its power stroke.

Jason Hirsh returns to the scene of his worst start in his short career. I'd expect things to be different this time around for the following reason:

"I don't have that wide-eyed rookie feeling that I had then," Hirsh said. "I have confidence in myself. I'm not afraid. I've finally reached the pinnacle in my profession, and I feel I belong."

And while I'm on the subject of the NL Central, did anyone prognosticate that the Rockies would be a win better than the Cardinals at this point in the season? They're up after the Reds and the Rockies don't need to be any sort of pounding board for the Cards to right the course.