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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Angels Interested in Atkins

We all know the Angels discussed Todd Helton with the Rockies during the off season, but now it turns out the Angels also have interest in Garrett Atkins. It doesn't appear anything will happen as Renck's source inside the organization says Atkins is part of the "core" group for the Rockies future.

One possible player the Rockies would want in return if something went down? Ervin Santana. Interesting name to bring up, but he hasn't exactly been the hottest pitcher so far this season. He's 2-0 with a 1.93 ERA at home, but 0-3 with a 9.64 ERA in four road games.

Brad Hawpe and Jeff Baker are also potential guys the Angels have interest in. Neither would bring back a pitcher with the potential of Ervin Santana. Maybe Hawpe could bring back a player like Sean Rodriguez. But then does the team need another middle infielder?

Update [2007-5-6 20:6:44 by Russ]: The LA Times mentions Joe Saunders and Dustin Moseley as players who could be shipped for a "lesser hitter".


Will Julian Tavarez be a Rockie some time soon? The team still has interest in him, but I doubt the Red Sox would want Kim back for another go around.


Tim Lincecum makes his big league debut tonight on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. No, the Rockies did not make the wrong choice in the drafting Greg Reynolds last year (at least not yet). He can go out and throw a perfect game and you won't convince me the Rockies should have taken him. Andrew Miller, he's a different story.