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Tuesday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs, W 11-3: Byung-Hyun Kim did well for himself in another rehab start. In 5 2/3 IP, Kim struck out eight and allowed one run on six hits. Two more starts until the club makes a decision on Kim's fate.

Offensively, Ian Stewart drove in four runs. Two came off his third homer of the season on the third, one came off a single in the first, and the other in the fifth on a ground-rule double. Alexis Gomez and Sean Barker drove in two runs each, while Spilborghs walked twice.

Tulsa, L 2-4, W 3-0: Samuel Deduno took the mound for his first Tulsa start in game one and had nice results. In 5 2/3 IP, he allowed four runs on seven hits, struck out six and walked only two batters. When Deduno left in the sixth, he had a baserunner on and Judd Songster allowed the guy to cross the plate. Deduno also had nine ground outs to one fly out. Jonathan Herrera had two walks and drove in a run.

In the second game, Jonathan Herrera clubbed a triple in the top of the seventh with two outs recorded, which scored three runs and broke the tie in the last frame. Corey Wimberly recorded a double on a ground ball to Chris Lubanski to start the game. No regular starter was used tonight as Matt Daley started and went three scoreless innings. Both he and Morillo struck out two and walked one. Steven Register picked up his 10th save and struck out two in the seventh inning.

Modesto: No game scheduled. If things work out correctly, look for a surprise here at the Row by the end of the week; it concerns the Nuts.

Here's an interesting article on John Thurman Field.

Asheville: No game scheduled.