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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

The Rockies-Cardinals game wasn't the only one with some questionable calls last night. In the Yankees game last night, Willie Bloomquist was clearly out at second by a large margin on a stolen base attempt. That missed call helped the Mariners win the game, so it's not all that bad. However, after the game was over Gerry Davis admitted to blowing the call.

In the Mets-Giants game Bengie Molina had two home runs in one inning, though one of them almost didn't count. The replays clearly show that the ball hit over the yellow line, but there was some question as to whether or not a fan reached over and touched the ball. It was hard to tell, but it did not appear the fan was in the field of play.


One summary on the whole ninth inning:

Added Cardinals manager Tony La Russa on the controversy, "The run scored, right?"

That's what it all boils down to, but one look at last night's game thread and then maybe LaRussa would understand that it was about more than just a run.


Mark Kiszla, we get the sentiment by now. Yes, we all agree it would be nice if the Monforts decided to spend more money to bring in good, reliable players, but Roger Clemens, and his excessive salary for a few months of baseball, doesn't quite work here. The Rockies also don't have Joe Torre.


Amazing thought for the day: Hurdle will keep rotating Iannetta and Torrealba until one of them has a hot streak. Doesn't a guy get hot if he, you know, doesn't revolve in and out of the lineup?

Renck has a short segment in the article on the new Todd Helton; it's no "Todd Helton: The Renaissance".