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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Injury Updates

Josh Fogg doesn't really want to have rehab start, but he'll do it anyway with the Sky Sox on Saturday. Willy T might return to the lineup tonight. A piece of bad news, a piece of good news. More Josh Fogg in the rotation . . . yay?

You can also find out about the adjustments Hawpe has made recently on his way to a 10-game hitting streak.


Woody Paige has this piece on the Rockies short-lived winning streak and has this to say about the June schedule:

The opportunity should be ripe. Eight of the nine series in June will be against teams with losing records as of Thursday night. The Rox play at home starting tonight against Cincinnati and have Houston, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, the woeful New York Yankees, Toronto, the Chicago Cubs and Houston again.

They play only one club over .500, the Boston Red Sox, during the month.

The Rockies will need a couple more of those seven-game winning streaks.

Otherwise, they will remain consistent. Cold, cold, cold.

Since Paige wrote this, Baltimore beat the Angels 6-2 and is currently on a six-game winning streak. Baltimore has a 27-27 record for the moment. How long will the O's be able to keep that streak alive, longer than the Rockies' one?

At least it isn't all doom and gloom with Paige today.


David Pinto (Baseball Musings) has a video on YouTube comparing Helton's defense in 2006 to Kevin Youkilis's that season.