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Best and Worst of the 2007 MLB Draft

Best Drafts:

Cincinnati: I like the collection of talent the Reds took in the opening rounds of the draft. Devin Mesoraco was the most complete high school catcher in the draft with the combination of his bat and defensive skills. Todd Frazier offers great power potential, which he's already displayed with a wood bat, but may never be a high average hitter. Kyle Lotzkar is very projectable and Neftali Soto has a bat that could eventually find its way into the heart of a lineup. I also like late round picks Harris Honeycutt (10), Jesse Craig (17) and Mike McGuire (46). McGuire probably won't sign but he's one of those guys who, if he can put it together, could potentially be outstanding.

San Diego: San Diego went with a low-ceiling approach, but I like the players that were drafted. Schmidt offers little projection, but he's going to be a solid #3 for the Padres in the not-too-distant future. Cory Luebke (5) also fits the Schmidt mold but needs to carry over to the pros the consistency he found this past season. Kellen Kulbacki might not have the power numbers he had in college, but he should be an average to above-average hitter with decent power. I still like those Lenny Dykstra comparisons for Danny Payne. Drew Cumberland and Tommy Toledo will need time to develop, but if they can sign Christian Colon (10) that would also make this a good draft. Look out for Lance Zawadzki.

Others of note: Texas (Beavan, Main, Borbon, Ramirez), Toronto (Ahrens, Cecil, Jackson, Eiland, but they also stopped after 30 picks)

Eh Drafts:

Houston: Not all that impressive. They didn't pick until the third round.

Minnesota: Ben Revere in the first round? Not buying it. Danny Rams has great power, but won't be a catcher. I'd love to see them sign Evan Danieli (33), but it's not likely.

Conclusion: I'm completely wrong. Yep, completely wrong. I don't know how many people would agree with me that the Padres had one of the best drafts, but I'll go with it. As Rox Girl wrote in the piece below this, we can't really evaluate drafts immediately in terms of success, but we can in terms of infusion of possible talent. So, if San Diego wins a World Series with a number of the guys they drafted this year, remember that I believed they had one of the best drafts. If they don't, well, I fall in line with everyone else who failed in evaluating the draft right after it ended.