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New ESPN Player Ratings

Jeff Bennett of ESPN came up with some new formula on how to rate players and you can read the explanation as to how it works here. In the top 100, there are three Rockies: Matt Holliday (11), Todd Helton (34) and Brian Fuentes (78).

David Kull then used these ratings to determine how the All-Star rosters should look (linked to NL team). Holliday and Fuentes make the team, but Helton doesn't. Holliday makes it because he is the top NL outfielder and the top Rockies player. Fuentes makes it as the fourth best reliever in the NL.

Why doesn't Helton make the team, according to these rankings? Because the Cards need an All-Star representative and Pujols takes that spot. The Nats also need a guy on the team, so 1B Dmitri Young makes it. Derek Lee makes the team, but the Cubs also have Rich Hill on the team with these rankings. Going by their rankings, Helton has a 45.6 rating and Lee has a 41.3 rating. Am I missing something in how the selection process was done?

Not that this imaginary All-Star roster matters all that much . . .