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Monday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: Jorge De Paula's luck at Colorado Springs was short lived, it seems, as he got knocked around again yesterday after starting off so well. Truthfully, these results make more sense than his early dominance.

Ian Stewart hit his fourth homerun of the last four days, and Clint Barmes had a two run triple in the twelve to five loss. At some point, if Stewart stays hot enough and maintains this for a couple of weeks, we'll have to look at what keeping Stewart at AAA is costing us. This still figures to require one of the more creative roster solutions in Dan O'Dowd's tenure, and is the only reason to consider a Helton trade (or an Atkins or Baker trade for that matter) a possibility before July 31.

Tulsa: The good news is that Franklin Morales had his deepest start in the last month yesterday, but the bad news is that he still lacked an ability to put away the opposition. Only two walks in seven innings, but also seven hits and two wild pitches with only two K's. Matt Macri and Jordan Czarniecki had multi-hit games in the four to three loss.

Modesto: The Nuts were swept by Inland Empire, losing ten to nine yesterday. Brandon Durden's short afternoon resulted in seven runs scored against him in four and two-thirds innings. Durden was definitely throwing strikes -he didn't walk a batter- but not many of the swing and miss variety, and not low enough on the sink to prevent two big innings from undermining his performance. He wasn't alone in struggling on the hill, as Pedro Strop and Andrew Johnston also stumbled in their assignments. The offense was generated primarily by Jeff Dragicevich, Kyle Blumenthal and Neil Wilson. The first two hit homeruns and Wilson drove in three and had a triple.

Asheville: Keith Weiser joined the parade of bleh pitching performances, taking the loss at Hickory after lasting five innings and giving up four runs. None of the four were earned, but he did give up five hits and three walks, so it's not like he was blameless, here. The Tourists' lone run in the seven to one loss was a ninth inning Jay Cox homerun.