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Tuesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs, W 7-6: Ian Stewart hit his fifth homer in five days, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Trailing 6-3 in the eighth with two outs and two men on, Stewart came to the plate and smacked homer number eight on the season. Jayson Nix hit his first an inning earlier. Nix also doubled in the tenth before scoring on an Alvin Colina single to win the game.

Mike Esposito gave up five in 5 2/3 innings, but Ramon Ramirez proved effective as he struck out four in two innings and allowed no hits.

Tulsa, W 2-1: What a night for Samuel Deduno! He struck out 11 in eight innings, walked one and allowed one run on four hits. In five of his seven starts for Tulsa, Deduno has gone six or more innings. Deduno's certainly taken to Bo McLaughlin's tutelage. Steven Registers has 22 saves on the season.

Corey Wimberly had an RBI double in the third inning and stole his 13th base in the fifth inning. Matt Macri had an RBI ground out to drive in Christian Colonel who had a double to start the inning and moved to third on a Chris Frey single.

Modesto, L 7-9: Despite attempting a comeback in the four-run eighth, the Nuts's losing streak reached five game. Alan Johnson allowed seven runs (five earned) in six innings. That's back-to-back outings Johnson has given up five earned.

Eric Young Jr. hit his fourth homer, a two-run shot in the third, and Dexter Fowler drove in Garner earlier in the inning. In the eighth inning, Jeff Kindel had RBI single, Neil Wilson hit a two-run double and he scored a run after Daniel Carte reached on an error.

Asheville: Postponed. Jason McGill returns to blogging and finds that the Tourists need to win seven games in a row in order to have a chance at securing a playoff birth.