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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

Red Sox. Red Sox. Red Sox. I just can't get away from hearing or reading about the Sawx. At least it's warranted this time as the Rockies visit Boston.

A hot topic to bring up is Helton and his almost-trade to the Red Sox this past off-season. Anyone think Manny Delcarmen or Craig Hansen would make the team all that much better without Helton on the club?


Chris Iannetta grew up a Red Sox Fan and was at Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS. So, while Boston has been a center for championships over the last five years, Iannetta is trying to follow in those footsteps:

Iannetta is struggling to live up to his hype. He was arguably the Rockies' best player in spring training, showing maturity and skill beyond his years. But while he has performed well on defense, Iannetta (.200 average, one home run) has been unable to get on track on offense. Manager Clint Hurdle continues giving Iannetta chances, in part because starter Yorvit Torrealba (.226, two home runs) also has struggled.

Yes, chances . . . that's what you call it.


Jim Armstong believes the Rockies can't over come their July history, but finds little difference between the NL lineups. His numbers are through Sunday, but now the difference in runs in seven after the off-day for the Rockies. The Dodgers stand at the top with 275 and the Rockies with 268. The most alarming thing is, as Armstrong point out, is 307 to 206. That's the Rockies runs allowed and the Padres runs allowed. The Giants at 29-34 have scored 270 runs and allowed 252. It'll be a hard road for the Rockies to even their RS-RA unless they have a few more of those 6-1 victories.


Boston has a 9.5 game lead on the Yankees, but with the Yanks recent six-game winning streak some places are invoking the spirit of the '78 Yankees. Here's why the Sawx shouldn't care about that and why they should.