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Game #65: Fogg vs Curt Schilling

If you wonder what might have been going through Justin Verlander's head last night as he tossed the no-hitter, check out Schilling's most recent post at his blog. Of course, it's only good up to a point for this, as Schilling lost his no hitter on a Shannon Stewart single in the ninth. I'm just hoping his next entry is something more along the lines of this entry, after a May 23 loss to Andy Pettitte and the Yankees.

Of course, Andy Pettitte is no Josh "Blind Squirrel" Fogg, so we might need to score a couple more runs than the Yankees did just to be safe and make sure our, uhm, "crafty" right hander is covered. The Rockies have won Fogg's last two starts in the ninth inning, Troy Tulowitzki heroics being key in both games.

The thread is up way early today because I'll be in attendance tonight. Woohoo!

Go Rockies!