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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Let's take a look at Schilling's latest blog entry:

Not sure how to start or finish this one. Pitch by pitch would most likely be as painful to read as it was to experience.

Please, do. It would actually be a pleasurable read for those of us here. No? Oh, okay.

[...] in my mind we turned the momentum and the game around at this point. I'd had two clean innings and felt like I had, stuffwise, what I needed to win this game. I was completely confident that we would score more runs as long as I could keep it 3-2.

And I believe that's how many of us felt at that point. But just as the Rockies have done too often this season, your guys didn't back you up with those runs. Nice to see that happen.

I throw the change and leave it letter high, inner half and the game is pretty much over when Hawpe makes contact. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I've given up more than my share of home runs, but not that many come as total shocks to me, this one was. Not because of the hitter or anything but a home run wasn't even in the deepest recesses of my sub conscious right there. I was sure I was making the right pitch to the right hitter in the right spot.

Obviously I was wrong.

So, Curt, are you saying that you have the mental ability to either allow or not allow a homer?

Bottom line was there were over 20 different opportunities to make pitches, get outs, and NOT give up the runs. I didn't get it done and as a result of that we lost the game.

This sounds all too familiar.


As noted in this article, Fogg won his first game since April 25. His record in games either Rox Girl or I attended is 2-0.

So, Helton's struggles make the Denver news, but to write that his double last night ended that slump is, uh, premature. If he doesn't follow up on what he did last night, is that a a new slump or just a continuation of the old one?