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Friday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs, L 10-6: Kevin Walker, signed June 13, started for the Sky Sox with ugh results. In 5 1/3 innings, he allowed five runs on ten hits. Not a good debut. Josh Newman finished the sixth inning and allowed the inherited runner to score. Denny Bautista allowed two runs in the ninth as Fresno settled in for ten runs on twenty hits.

On offense, Seth Smith doubled in Barmes during the fourth. In the following inning, Tino Sanchez drove in his first RBI for the Sky Sox on a double, Sully later doubled in Sanchez, and Barmes then had his double to score Sully.

Tulsa, L 3-8: Matt Macri hit two solo homers and scored all three runs in the loss. Jordan Czarniecki scored Macri in the bottom of the ninth.

Matt Daley, Judd Songster and Jentry Beckstead all had undistinguished appearances in each of their 2 to 2 2/3 innings pitched. Songster committed a throwing error in the fourth and two unearned runs eventually scored.

Modesto, W 5-2: Everth Cabrera is making the most out of his short with Modesto as he tied the game yesterday with a two-out, two run triple in the seventh inning. He's taking the place of EY Jr., who is in Mississippi for a funeral. Chris Nelson drove in Cabrera, and Neil Wilson had a triple that drove in Nelson and Kindel.

After two tough starts for him, Roe did well last night as he allowed only two runs over six innings. He limited the Ports to four hits, but walked three. Pedro Strop struck out two in the eighth before Andrew Johnston picked up his 13th save.

Asheville, W 3-2 in 15 innings: Hector Gomez had a bloop single to bring in Jay Cox in the fifteenth to end the Tourists' losing streak. Daniel Mayora hit his seventh homer run all the way back in the fourth inning and is the center of Etkin's latest farm report. Geoff Strickland walked three times.

Esmil Rogers had a fine start despite walking three. He allowed two runs on three hits over seven innings and struck out four (12-5 GO-FO). Will Harris, James Burok, Tommy Baumgardner, and David Parker combined for eight innings and allowed four hits. Parker struck out four over the final three innings of the game.