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Friday Morning Rockpile:

33-33. That's better than every team in the NL Central not named the Brewers, better than two T's and the other B in the AL East, and is within distance of the soon-to-be-arriving Yankees and the Twins (both 33-31). But before those Yanks visit, the Rockies must deal with the Rays (29-35). No, I won't actually rewrite what I wrote in yesterday's game thread since that was a joke anyway.


In response to Schilling's blog entry on Hawpe's homer, Holliday said, "He wrote that?"

Vote Matt Holliday!

In the link to Holliday's comment, the main part of the article is Ortiz's support for Hlliday to be in the Home Run Derby. Vote Matt Holliday!


Jamey Carroll and Chris Iannetta will start tonight. Vote Matt Holliday!

Oh, did I mention to Vote Matt Holliday! yet?