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My socks may never be removed again

Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I am certainly going to ascribe magical qualities to them from here on out. After wearing my seriously dorky knee high purple and silver striped socks to Wednesday's contest along with various other Rockie themed regalia, and then watching the Rockies and Josh Fogg inexplicably hammer Curt Schilling and the Red Sox 12-2, I knew something on my person had to be the reason, and the socks were the easiest to repeat besides my beige Rockies cap. My magical socks on Thursday then proved more powerful than Manny's bright red (also knee high) pair, which he certainly had to have worn conspicuously visible (for the first time this season, I'm told) specifically to try and counter the potency of mine. It didn't work. But the fact he knew about how I was jinxing the Red Sox concerns me now that there must be a mole in my entourage. My friends are now on watch.

At any rate, I can't tell you how great it is to see hordes of humbled Red Sox fans look to you in some sort of pleading awe a mere three hours after they cruelly mock your loyalty to such a pathetic (as they deem it) team like the Rockies. Believe it or not, I wasn't the only Rox fan there, besides a large contingent of Chris Iannetta boosters (not even one at bat in the blow outs? I know Yorvit's been doing relatively well of late, but is Chris in Clint's doghouse?) there were several other transplants that still follow the team. Although I did see one with a Rockies "#48 Hirsch" jersey, which something gives me the feeling wasn't a legit replica.

A couple of other notes, and I might bring up more in the next few days as I remember them:

Some of the more intelligent Sox fans I talked to were really surprised by how AL our supposedly NL lineup is. Prior to interleague play, all they heard was about how even the best NL teams besides the Mets would only have threats in the middle, but the Rockies' balance threw them off guard. I told them, that I'm glad they saw this one and not the one we were playing with a month ago.

Troy Tulowitzki's diving catch of JD Drew's line drive up the middle in the bottom of the second with one out yesterday was a huge play in taking the crowd out of the game. To come up empty in that situation and then have Garrett Atkins exploit a similar scoring chance in the very next frame with his grand slam, sent a major portion of the fans to the beer lines and out of sight, and from then until the bottom of the ninth when they threatened against Fuentes, the crowd just had no energy.

Of course, the ninth inning crowd was different from the second inning crowd as by that time, thousands had left early, and the die-hards that remained filled their seats in the grandstands. Fenway has a very liberal seat sharking policy if you leave.

As Russ mentioned in the Rockpile, Todd Helton's slump is not over, despite the double Wednesday. I think he might need a larger screen than his I-pod to look at his at bats, but he only had maybe three out of the two games and ten plate appearances that I would consider typical Helton AB's. He was caught staring at Beckett's slider a couple of times, that I don't think he would have been earlier in the season.

Brad Hawpe's so underrated.

Matt Holliday isn't underrated, but he's still definitely as good as advertised. And he's still one of the most fun to watch before games. During batting practice on Thursday he hit a mammoth shot off the giant Coke bottle above the Green Monster that I thought was going to shatter it and rain thousands of gallons of soda on the fans below. Much to my dismay, that's not really cola in there, and the bottle's plastic.

During the game, both his and Atkins' actual homers were kind of surprising considering how much lift they had to have to get over it. Both hits were hammered, but then again, we were peppering that wall all game.

Boston, we love you. Let's do this again some time soon.