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Game #67: James Shields vs. Lopez

Vote Matt Holliday! because you have 25 times to do so. He's third in the NL and tenth in the majors in VORP (30.3). On to the game.

The Rockies face another undefeated pitcher in James Shields, currently 6-0. This guy has been consistent for the Rays the entire season and is competing with Kazmir for being the ace of the staff. That is, if he hasn't already surpassed Kazmir. He hasn't pitched less than 6 1/3 innings and he's regularly done seven to eight innings per start. The Rockies catch Shields in the midst of a three-game win streak. It's time to give him his first loss.

Pound the hell out of him tonight! Though, on the off chance that the Rockies won't muster any offense against him, Shields will start for my fantasy team tonight.

Vote Matt Holliday! Go Rockies!

Pre-game chatter

Brad Hawpe discusses pitching and hunting with Owen Perkins.