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Game #68: Hirsh vs Sonnanstine

Two rookies who came up with big wins for their teams this past Sunday try to see who's better at following up one good performance with another. Hirsh was spectacular against Baltimore, throwing a complete game and riding Ryan Spillborghs' bat to a six to one victory, while Sonnanstine generated some of his own offense with a two hit performance against the Marlins in a nine to four win. Oh, he also pitched, striking out ten of the Fish in seven innings. Let's hope his outing against the Rox is more like his debut against Toronto, wherein he gave up six runs in another seven innings. He has been susceptible to the HR this year, three in fourteen innings isn't a great rate to have.

While the Rockies continue to whittle away at the leaders in the division, the national media writers continue to ignore our chances or even leave them for dead. Yet should the Dodgers succumb to the Angels this afternoon, we could inch to within four and a half games of the lead with a win.

Go Rockies!