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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

The Rockies, for the second night in a row, took down a previously undefeated pitcher last night. Before those two games we hit well against Curt Schilling, who -some might argue- is still no slouch himself. None of these games have been close. I bring this up because there is still a certain ambivalence out on this side of the country to what we've been accomplishing of late. We're no longer winning solely against the doormats and also-rans, but also against some of the best pitching the AL has to offer, and we're still coming up like roses. Today we get a slight break in that it's a rookie with middle rotation potential that Tampa Bay will be throwing against us, but the grind picks right back up again tomorrow against Scott Kazmir.

Meanwhile, East Coast writers have thus far written us up as some sort of extension of the Yankees, as our winning against Boston at Fenway was seemingly orchestrated by the Bronx Bombers so they could gain ground in that division. It will be interesting to see how their telekinetic hold on the Rockies works when they come to town next week.

The Rockies are now 6-1 in Rodrigo Lopez starts, easily our best record with any starter this year, and he's proving to outplay even my high expectations when we traded for him. I'm just hoping he's a bit more durable for the rest of the season.

Welcome back Cory Sullivan. I'm pretty leery of this move, and it has less to do with Sullivan than it does with our manager. You'll probably read somewhere about the hot streak Cory's bat's had of late, but keep in mind that the hits have been mostly singles, and most of those that have gone for extra bases have been at home. In other words, it's superficial, and Cory's probably not the best left handed bat option available to us right now. However, we're already paying his hefty contract and he was already on the forty-man, so calling him up beats starting Seth Smith's service clock.

What worries me most about this move is that it now once again gives Clint Hurdle the option to outsmart himself with another weak platoon player. With Sean Barker, there wasn't a temptation to pull one of the right handed position starters for a pinch hitter that there will be with Sullivan. While Cory might be an okay pinch hitter versus RHP's for the pitcher, Jamey Carroll, or one of our catchers, he's not likely to outproduce any other player on our roster at the plate. I'm particularly worried that he'll take bats away from Willy Taveras or Ryan Spillborghs, and this sort of sub-replacement substitution is exactly the kind of thing that led to our slow start in the first place. This is definitely something we'll want to monitor.