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Sunday Morning Rockpile, or How Many Queen References Can I Make In This Piece?

So I was listening to Queen yesterday and that inspired this little piece.

To the Rockies: You are Under Pressure. Under pressure to keep this going. You're making us believe in this Crazy Little Thing Called Love. We all need Somebody to Love in the sports world and we chose you. Oh, we loved you before this, but right now that love is so much more vibrant than before.

You're in a Bicycle Race and thankfully have put each foot on a pedal. You're in control and looking to make it through the rugged mountain stages. As long as Another One Bites the Dust (read: series win), you're making us happy. Don't Stop (Me) Now or We Will Rock You.

It's time to keep this Bohemian Rhapsody going and (I Want) to Break Free free from those notions others hold of you. You're Princes of the Universe with the the blood of kings inside you. But don't go telling people, "We Are the Champions."

Still, The Show Must Go On either way.

And always, always remember that Fat Bottomed Girls Make the Rockin' World Go 'Round.


Patrick Saunders examines the language barrier that several Rockies have gone through. Maybe the solution isn't just for the players to learn English, but also to follow what Hurdle believes:

"I wouldn't say I try to be a chameleon, but I try to find common fabric to work with each and every one of them," Hurdle said. "I think, I hope, that helps the Latin players have a little more comfort, knowing you are making that effort to speak with them in their language about things other than baseball."


Jamie Quirk and Mike Gallego each received a great gift for Father's Day: more time with their sons.

Happy Father's Day!