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Casey Weathers, Rockies Agree to Deal

Official Press Release

Renck says Weathers signed for a $1.8M signing bonus.

Here's what David had to say in the Signings Diary:

If you look at the last few 8th overall picks, Weathers deal is bonus is the second lowest to Townsend's 1.5 million, and most recent 8th overalls have gone between 2-2.3 million.

My guess is that the Rockies have been looking for the Townsend discount, which has held up negotiations until today.  Most figured this would be a cheaper sign based on Weathers' senior status, but it remains to be seen if "savings" (assuming the budget wasn't already small) will be put towards making a run at Davis, but we can all hope for the team to make a good faith effort at meeting Boras' demands to add a high end talent to this class.