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Monday Morning Rockpile: Mark Kiszla Hates Sick Kids

Did one of the Monfort's once run over Mark Kiszla's dog or something? I mean, really, I just don't understand how a reporter can have that much personal animosity for them without something happening that's not being said here. The Rockies aren't the only team to charge $75 bucks to see the Yankees. Heck, the Yankees charge more than that to see the Yankees. Kiszla wasn't ever going to pay the ticket price anyway, getting in free with his media credentials, so what, exactly, is his beef? At least he acknowledged the Rockies are mediocre, if you recall his column from a month ago, he was bemoaning how we were a last place team. Next month we might be in first and he'll cry and complain about something. Honestly, these attacks go beyond pointless, as he twists everything to try and paint a picture of malevolent intent on the part of the Rockies' ownership. Alright, maybe I can figure it out by using similar leaps in illogic that Kiszla does to paint his picture. Hmm... since the Monfort's have heavily contributed to children's hospitals, I can only come to one conclusion. If Kiszla was honest, he would acknowledge that new ownership would be charging just as much for Yankees/Rox tix as the current ownership.

George Frazier was once a Yankee, and he reminisces with Randy Holtz.

My posts might be a tad lighter than usual this week, as I'm on the road, so feel free to point out other Rockies links in the comments.