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Game #70: Moose vs. Fogg

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Winners in 13 of 16 games since June 1, the Yankees travel from my city to yours for the first time in five seasons. Guys, let's reverse the results from last time or even improve upon them.

Projected Lineups

CF Melky Cabrera
SS Derek Jeter
RF Bobby Abreu
3B Alex Rodriguez
1B Jorge Posada - With previous experience here, he's not in Nick Johnson's situation all those year ago.
LF Hideki Matsui
2B Robinson Cano
C Wil Nieves
P Mike Mussina

CF Willy Taveras
2B Kazuo Matsui
LF Matt Holliday
1B Todd Helton
3B Garrett Atkins
RF Brad Hawpe
SS Troy Tulowitzki
C Yorvit Torrealba
P Josh Fogg