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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News points out that the Yankees are bringing the exact same starting pitchers to this series with the Rockies that they did five years ago, the last time they visited Coors Field. Mussina, Pettitte and Clemens are still a solid pitching trio, one certain Hall of Famer and two with a chance, but five seasons of wear and tear leaves me optimistic that this week's results will be a bit different than last time.

More interesting to me than the silly Helton rumor story that Troy E. Renck brings up in his notes, is Matt Holliday's lovey words for the Yankees. Is he trying to get some allies with the Boss for when he becomes a free agent in a couple of years? That thought sort of scares me, as he deserves the paycheck he's going to get, and for some reason I still harbor an insane hope that we might be in the running to pay it still.

Jack Etkin writes about the Yankees' quick road back to contention, with both teams in this series having rebounded after slow starts, it will be an interesting test to see who's bounce is more sustainable. Well, not really, it's just three games, but another series win will keep the Rox confident for the remainder of this stretch before the All-Star break.