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Tuesday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: No game scheduled.

Tulsa: For the second day in a row, the Drillers put up twelve runs on Wichita pitching, with Aaron Rifkin and Christian Colonel both homering for the second straight game. Colonel also hit another double. Jonathan Herrera scored twice and went three for five, after his batting average dipped to the low .260's, he's gotten it back near .300 with a bit of a hot streak that he's been on. Ching-Lung Lo pitched only five innings, but he kept most of the ten baserunners he allowed (nine hits, one walk) from scoring, and the bullpen came on for a solid four innings after that to preserve the 12-4 win.

Modesto: No game scheduled.

Asheville: No game scheduled.

Tri-City: The Dust Devils start their season tonight against Vancouver.

Casper: Also with a season opener scheduled, the Casper Rox play Idaho Falls tonight.

Draft: With Casey Weathers' signing, Brian Rike and Connor Graham become the focus, with high schoolers Kentrail Davis, Evan Chambers and Chris Sale waiting until August before a decision will be made.