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Wrong Answer

The question was: What do the Rockies do now that their seven game win streak is over? Their response has been to lose three in a row to middle relievers turned starters on two of the worst teams in the National League. A look at how the lineup was constructed last night  gives a glimpse why this is happening, Jeff Baker (OPS .680) replaced Garrett Atkins (OPS .635) and went one for five. Brad Hawpe, who's had the hottest bat on the team the last two weeks, followed him with a zero for three performance against the Cincinnati lefty and their pen. Yorvit Torrealba (OPS .559) was next and though he came close to a run scoring double in one at bat, wound up doing what Yorvit Torrealba does most frequently: zero for four. And then we had Jamey Carroll (OPS .491), three more fruitless AB's before Hurdle pulled him for Kaz-Mat.

With third base, catcher and Hurdle's Carroll decision, we had four planned offensive liabilities in the lineup before the game began if you include the pitcher's slot. When the normallly productive Tulo and Hawpe had off nights, it was already over. Of course we had chances. Everybody last night seemed to come up in situations where a hit would have equalled a run or two, a walk kept the inning alive for the next guy, but except for Willy Taveras, the team failed miserably in those situations. UGH.