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Saturday Morning Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: A couple of weeks ago, catcher Edwin Bellorin's line was impressive based almost entirely on what he was doing a mile and a quarter up in the dry air at Colorado Springs' Security Service Field, and not on what he was doing on the road. Three games at sea level in the damp late May/early June air in New Orleans has changed that. Bellorin's gone 7 for 12 with three doubles and a homerun in this series, including last night's four for five performance. In two series against Oakland's Sacramento affiliate prior to this he was prone to a lot of strikeouts, but he's had none since and given the fact that neither Yorvit Torrealba or Chris Iannetta are stepping forward consistently for the Rockies still, I think we have to consider the Woody Paige suggestion of a few weeks ago of a call-up. Both long and short term, I certainly like Iannetta over Torrealba still, but if Bellorin's an upgrade over both at the plate -and right now he seems like he might be- Iannetta's the one to get moved due to service time and the availability of options to AAA.

While we're on the subject of possible replacements, Omar Quintanilla had a pair of hits yesterday, and I know that he bats left handed, but against LHP's this season he has nine hits in 30 AB's in both AAA and with the Rockies, compared to Jamey Carroll's seven hits in 37 AB's against them. Of course against RHP's, Quintanilla's even better, something Carroll certainly can't claim.

One more: Ian Stewart went three for six yesterday, raising his average to .305. They were all singles again, but Stewart's bat speed and plate coverage should translate well to MLB pitching. Unlike the other two, I still don't think the team should make this move yet, but I don't think it's that far away from reaching that point.

Ubaldo Jimenez had another outing typical of his shaky season, only 5 2/3 IP, nine hits, four walks, four runs allowed, and five K's. I'm a die hard, and don't jump off bandwagons that easy, but I don't blame those of you who are on U-ball. This hasn't been a pleasant year.

Tulsa: Postponed due to rain.

Modesto: Brandon Hynick had what amounts to a mediocre start for him this year, he only lasted six innings but gave up just one run and six hits with two walks along with three K's. The Nuts offense left him on the hook until the ninth, when they scored three to take a 3-2 lead. Alan Johnson (pitching in relief due to Modesto's short handed and tired staff) Andrew Johnston gave up the tying run in the bottom half, and Stockton scored the winner two innings later off of Darric Merrell. Dexter Fowler went three for five, stole a base but was also caught once, and Cole Garner and Chris Nelson doubled for the Nuts' only extra base hits.

Nuts radio announcer Josh Suchon has pointed me to his new (well, new to me) blog, appropriately titled Radio Nut Josh. Much like Melissa Berger's Nuts intern blog from last season, there isn't a whole lot in it about the players who we're following, but it's a fascinating read into the minor league culture no less. From an entry regarding Visalia's facilities you can see part of the reason why the Rockies were excited to move their franchise to Modesto a few seasons ago:

In case you haven't read the blogs from the first trip to Visalia, here's the short version: no press box ... no roof ... froze one night ... sat in rain doing another game ... a bunch of drunks blocked part of my view in the last game and random people kept talking into my crowd mic ... oh yeah, and the hotel sucked. Beyond that, I loooooove Visalia.

I'll put a permanent link in the sidebar this sometime this weekend.

Asheville: The Tourists' beat Lexington six to five, thanks to some timely hitting and the return of the lock-down bullpen that led to so many Tourists victories early in the year. Daniel Mayora had a pair of hits, including a homerun and a couple of walks, and Hector Gomez went three for five with a double and triple. Yes, the game was at Asheville, but check out Gomez's last ten games, seven of which were on the road. Hector's definitely coming on strong, and although it's sometimes hard to tell, his K rate has been dropping. Mayora's been a little less consistent on the road, particularly when it comes to his power, so there are certainly still some questions to be answered there, but his contact rates have improved this month more than Gomez's.

I'm hoping to finally get a first hand glimpse of these two and other Asheville prospects later this month when they play at Lexington, but that's still up in the air right now.

Jason McGill spoke with Bill Geivett recently, and he confirmed what we had speculated about before in regards to promotions. Because several Rockies affiliates are fighting for first half playoff spots, the organization doesn't want to mess with the teams until after the dust clears mid-June.