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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

We beat the damn Yankees and all we get to show for it is a sellout. With all three of our primary divisional foes also winning yesterday, the Rockies remain 5.5 games out of the division lead.

Some commenters got on me for taking the company line the other day when it came to Mark Kiszla's column. I've been on that line for a while now, as three factors have made Kiszla's gripes about our recent past and the Monfort's ownership pointless for the most part this season:

  1. The Rockies haven't been in a position to be a legitimate contender since the Mike Hampton fiasco, until now.
  2. The Rockies haven't in their history had a farm system capable of maintaining a competitive team for more than a season or two, until now.
  3. The free agent options of the past two or three seasons haven't been quality enough to merit spending what they would ask for. Especially not free agent pitchers, who still need massively disproportionate contract incentive to come to Coors Field, despite the relative success of our current (and last season's) crop of pitchers.
That said, Kiszla's proposal of a trade for Mark Buehrle could make some sense, even if the columnist's reasoning for the trade is asinine: Buehrle has a ring, ergo, he's worth trading for since none of the Rockies have them. Steve Finley had a ring, too, but that didn't seem to help him, or us. Buehrle's GB% of 45.8% is decent; he does give up too many homeruns, but the way Coors suppresses the longball now, that won't be as much a problem as the ordinary fan may think.

Since Buehrle dovetails nicely with one of what I feel are the team's two needs to be a solid contender in the second half (a middle to top of the rotation starter) it should be something to at least explore. That said, the cost for Buehrle, not in dollars but talent, should be the deciding factor.  The White Sox would likely ask for at least one top pitching prospect, AA or higher, and other top prospects. Would Ubaldo Jimenez do the trick? It's doubtful, I'm guessing that in a prospect deal that they would want Reynolds or Morales along with Ian Stewart and a low minors throw-in. If that's the case, it's a no-deal.