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Game #72: Clemens vs Lopez

Alright, the bad news is that Rodrigo Lopez isn't going to sneak up on the Yankees like Josh Fogg did in the series opener on Tuesday. There is some good news, though. One, Roger Clemens has lost enough velocity that the nickname Rocket just doesn't apply as much anymore. Rickshaw? That's probably too far the other way. Somewhere between the two. More good news is that Joe Torre has decided to play the still hurting Johnny Damon in center field today, to help jumpstart the Yanks' offense. Sacrificing defense in the Coors outfield has proved an unwise decision for most teams this season.

Clemens wants some of the newer Yankees to experience some bling. So far, the results of the Clemens signing for New York have been mixed, and considering the cost, clearly not worth the investment. As it will be with the Rockies, the final judgement of in season moves and non-moves alike by the front office can't be made until October, but it's going to take winning it all to make this deal worthwhile for New York. Let's contribute to that not happening and pull out the brooms.

Go Rockies!