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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

With the sixth consecutive series victory sealed last night and an 8-0-1 record in the last nine, the Rockies are in one of the best winning stretches in franchise history. In order to keep it going, they'll need to perform against Roger Clemens today, and then against a rebounding Blue Jays team on the road this weekend, so there's no break in the schedule just yet.

The winning ways have brought them into the next tier of NL teams, passing the Phillies and tying the Braves for the sixth best record in the NL. That means four of the six best NL teams are in the West, which is a definite testament to how strong the division is this year. If you click on the INT tab up top of that link to the standings, you'll see that the Rockies are once again the best team in the NL in Interleague games. With the success we've had against the AL the last two seasons, it makes me wonder if we can secede.

LaTroy Hawkins has been a different pitcher then what we saw in his debut, and the bullpen's effectiveness has definitely been a big key, as Tracy Ringolsby points out. Also noted, Casey Weathers is in Denver for a physical and will then report to Asheville, and Zach McClellan has undergone shoulder surgery.