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Saturday Rockpile:

One silly Rockies rumor and one more legit one were penned by Ken Rosenthal in his notes column this week. The silly one is a Dontrelle Willis for Aaron Cook plus prospects speculation, while the more legit whisper is teh Rox interest in Royals reliever Octavio Dotel. We've been high on Dotel for some time now, so it wouldn't surprise me if we tried to pry him away for more bullpen depth.

Edwin Bellorin's activation from the DL might be an indication that the Rockies will option Chris Iannetta to the Springs soon so he could get more at bats. I still think the current situation is fine, Chris got the two hits yesterday and didn't appear too rusty despite the three K's (everybody was striking out last night) and I'd rather not mess with the set-up that's kept us rolling of late. At any rate, the way Bellorin was hitting in May should make the move a wash, we won't be sacrificing much offense by switching them.

Update [2007-6-23 10:34:14 by Russ]: Iannetta's possible demotion may not be the only change coming. While Hurdle says that while Hirsh is still in the rotation after last night's outing, things could change pretty quickly. There are three options for him, according to the article:

  • Stay in the rotation - So he gets another chance or two to prove himself. Great idea, but how effective will this be? If he does bounce back, great. If he doesn't, there are the other options. Will this eventually turn into a cycle of threatening his rotation spot for him to perform better?
  • Move to the bullpen - The article says Hurdle may have changed his mind about this option. I don't think it would be a good idea to try him out there while this team is the midst of a good bullpen stretch and is fielding a competitive team in the NL West.
  • Demotion - Send him to the humidor-less Security Service Field. Buchholz-in-the-rotation fans would get their wish, but not with the player Taylor would be replacing. Jason needs to regain his confidence on the mound, not lose it while pitching at home in the minors.

I'd keep him in the rotation for a little while longer.